MatteForge is a new PLA based filament that produces a beautiful matte, low gloss finish right off the print bed. This innovative filament produces a finish unlike any other filament. MatteForge reduces the visibility of printed layer lines and gives a professional appearance to all prints. All of this is possible at higher printing speeds than normal, saving extra time. The mechanical properties of this material are excellent even though it's PLA based. When under strain MatteForge bends similar to ABS rather than breaks like typical PLA. 


  • Matte finish, low gloss
  • High impact resistance
  • Good flexural strength
  • Easy to use, same print settings as typical PLA 
  • Great layer and bed adhesion
  • Made from 100% renewable and natural raw materials
  • Almost no odour
  • No warping (low shrinkage, 0.3%)

Print settings

  • Recommended Printing Temperature: 180 - 220C 
  • Heated Bed: Not Required (but can be used)
  • Recommended Printing Speed: 40 - 120 mm/s
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