3D filament / Octofiber PLA

Octofiber is a new brand of 3D printing filament that offers top-notch quality from The Netherlands. Using a simple but revolutionary 'out-of-the-box' concept, using Octofiber means saying goodbye to dirt, dust, and filament entangling, which is quite a common problem in 3D printing.  
Octofiber PLA is produced from pure PLA and carefully monitored pigments and is processed under the highest quality controls. This ensures a consistent product, with accurate printed objects as a result. PLA is well known for its good 3D printing properties and is suitable for many applications like household appliances, toys and decorations.

Octofiber PLA filament is compatible with The Micro 3D printer, Leapfrog, Felix, Printrbot, Airwolf, Kossel, Wanhao, 3DBuilder, Type A, Reprap, Makerbot, Velleman, and many other 3D printers.

Please note that the Octofiber add-ons are not included in the order. You can order them separately from our webshop or download the STL files.

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